Sliding blister machine Automatic blister cramp card folding machine

Sliding blister machine Automatic blister cramp card folding machine


1)Automatic triangular one folded edges;
2)a wide range of size adjustable design;
3)infrared personal protection



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Automatic cramp folding machine technical data
Edging Size 350×500MM 350×1000MM 
Edging Height 120MM 
Production Capacity 600-800T/hr 500-700T/hr 
Power Supply 220V/1phase/50Hz 
Power Consumption 1.6KW 3.2KW 
Machinery Size 600×970×1610MM600×1500×1610MM 



This mahine is used widely on industry like daily chemical, food, toys, medicine, hardware, machinery, gifts, handicrafts, etc.


Application Product:hair care, skin care category, cosmetics, etc.


Pneumatic components:  “Airtac”  Taiwan

Time:”CKC” Janpan

Relay:”OMRON” Janpan



  EM series Semi-auto Cramp Folding machine can fold trilateral of plastic once for all,whose can reach a producing-speed of 10~15 pcs/min,and the folding effect is tidy.This model machine is equipped with the magic eyesafety deviceand used cold blast to cool,so increase producting speed. This Machine adopts two kinds of control method, MT and AT,so it is very safe when producing.



1. Infrared ray electric eye safety design.

2. Wear well, and suitable for long time use.

3. Save both time and labour and easy to operate

4. High speed and accurate production.

5. By three-side separated temperature sensitive, the three side temperature can be made     even.

6. The forming can ben adjusted according to actual dimension.

7. Made-to measure for all kinds of spec products.


Working Principle:

Put material by hand→ clamp the material→ heat the heater plate→ the three sides of blister cover or rigid sheet change to soft→ finalize the design by the forming plate→ cool it down →take the product out


Basic Units:

1. Heater Plate

2. Opto-Electronic Protective Device

3. Cooling system

4. Heating Temperature Controller


Excellence of Equipment:

1. Infrared magic eye safe designs, enduring, adapt a long-term safety design.

2. Save time, save energy, easy to operate, quick and accurate to produce.

3. The temperatures of three sides are average for their independence.

4. The size of models can arbitrarily adjust based on your need.

5. It can make various specifications according to the customer requirement.


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