Fully Automatic Dust Medical Face N95 Mask Making Machine with production Line

Fully Automatic Dust Medical Face N95 Mask Making Machine with production Line

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This machine is used for Fully Automatic Medical Face N95 Mask Making Machine, the whole process including: raw material roll unwinding, roller driving, feeding nose clip, welding and wrapping nose clip, (pneumatic valve hole optional), (printing optional), welding earloop 1, welding earloop 2, folding, edge welding, cutting, finished product output, remaining material output and etc., then conveyed out. The entire process is fully automated. The production line has advantages such as stable performance, high output capacity, low defect rate, and easy operation.





6500mm(L) X3500mm(W) X1600mm(H)




≤3000kg, ground weight capacity≤500kg/m2

≤5000kg, ground weight capacity ≤500kg/m2

Working power

equipment 220VAC±5%; 50HZ;rated power 17KW

Working air pressure

Compressed air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa; compressed air flux 300L/min(stable flux guaranteed; oil and water have to be filtered)

Production efficiency

1800-2500PCS/H(based on 20 hours each day, daily capacity about 36,000-50,000 pieces)

Qualification ratio

99%(excluding unqualified incoming materials, improper operation by employees)

Equip failure ratio

 ≤2%(equipment failure itself)

Operating environment

Temperature 10~35℃; humidity: 5-35%HR

No flammable, corrosive gas, no dust (cleanliness no less than 100,000 grade)

Raw Material Recommendation

Cloth:(meltblown nonwoven, PPnonwoven)












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